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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Its a Boy!

Well what can i say... Mistress P is just incredible.

The trip in to horse-piddle for what we thought was just a check up ended up with the doc saying;
"Why werent you induced on Friday???
...tossing away all the charts and admiting Mistress P on the spot for inducement.

We were, well, shocked, quite frankly.

Things pretty much (didnt) go to plan from then on... but then again these last 2 weeks have all been a little skew-wiff.

Still, by the end of it all (full story later...), including 2 lots of inducing gel, no pain relief for 2-3 hours, gas and the TENS device for about 9 hours, and then an epidural for the remaining 15 hours, to be finished off with a trip into surgery for what everyone was "pretending" was for Ruf to be suction cupped out, but all and sundry thought it was really for a ceasar.

Mum, and I guess Ruf, had other ideas... and Mistress P (with AB at her head resplendant in white overalls, hair net and little sneaker covers, clamped to his appointed stool in the surgery with over a dozen people hovering - most for the ceasar) pushed like a Mack truck and, on the third attempt and with the surgeon yanking on the plunger attached to Ruf's head...


Out he came.

Everyone was amazed, but none more so, it would seem, than Mistress P!!

"Look at that!! Look at that!!" she kept saying as the little man (ok, we still havent exactly decided upon a name!!) was shown to her before being whisked away to be cleaned up and for mum to be stitched. (Yup... the dreaded episiotomy... AB got a look "down there" and it wasnt an image he'd like to be conjuring at times of peace and solitude.)

A bootiful bouncing baby boy... happy and healthy (well, with a little bit of a temperature...). Born 21:17, Monday April 16, 2007.

A goodly size, even for one so cooked (it was 41 weeks, 6 days after all...): 3.96kg, or 8lb10 in the old measure, I believe.

Mum doing well - very well considering all that the poor girl has gone through. She was stoked... and raring to go, even more amazing considering she'd had over 3.5 hours of pushing alone. She is one unique individual that Mistress P - I'm so proud (nay, jealous...) that my son has those genes!

Speaking of which,.. he's got long thin fingers (mum reackons thats from dad), bootiful amazing lips (definately mum), flattish nose (dads family trait - or maybe just from all the pushing!) and a long and not really all that chubby body (both).

Anyway, a fuller story - and hopefully name - will emerge over the coming days.

Suffice to say, it wasnt a walk in the park, but the end result is simply incredible. All 3 of the midwives we had were just fantastic (thanks Natalie, Natalie and Rhian).

And it really is the miracle of birth.

Given what i've just seen (i.e., what women go through to bring us all into the world) - If you dont find your mum today and give her a great big kiss, you're a bastard. Print this post


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic thing this blog is. Just what I wanted to see, pics of the lovely little tacker, also Mu m and dad. love to all. G. A. JILL

Lucy said...

Oh dear, that last bit brought tears to my eyes. All very emotional and wonderful. Congratulations to the three of you. Lucy and Brian (in the UK) xx

(Bike Helmet) John said...

Wonderful to read about your bundle of joy. Our children's Mother's really are amazing aren't they? As are all mothers.Our Lucia is now 2. It is a wonderful thing being a Dad. Congratulations. Hope to see you and him down the beach some day.
All the best,

panda said...

Gosh I just wanted to check the wind direction and ended up here.

I have a tear in my eye! Congratulations (and thanks for the wind direction info. We can go diving today!)