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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Its often said in meteorological circles that a month without records would be a record month. And this too could be said of the boy. Only in terms of weeks.

Seems that almost every day now something new is happening. For week 24 the biggies have included a love of all sorts of new foods (pear being the latest on the shortlist of faves), lifting ourselves off the floor (more later) and... first sign of a tooth.

Yes... October 8, a bit over a week shy of 6 months, the first "clank" was heard as the boy chowed down on the plastic poo-bear mush spoon.

"Mmmm... either pips have escaped the mush blending, or..." mused mum, as she put her fingy into Master M's mouth...


We've stuck calcium.

Yup... one tiny, almost invisible to the naked eye (mostly cos he thrashes about and shoves his tongue over it when you try to cop a look), bottom-jaw front tooth, just peeking a half-mill above the gumline.

Apparently most of the signs were there; bit more restless at night, slightly (but not very) pink cheeks, a fetish for chewing anything he could get his mouth onto (especially the new table), tiny bit more clingy, rubbing of the ears etc. But overall - he's been pretty much the same old/new Mike, and surprisingly less grizzly than according to "the books". (Knock knock knock on wood.)

The other biggie for the week is that rolling over is now so old school (dude). It's now time to get up and outta here. Getting outta here thus far has been fine - a kinda backwards butterfly swimming motion when face down sweeps him slowly across the floor. Only backwards.

Which is really starting to piss 'im orf.


Well being a mammal with forward looking eyes, naturally the toys/milk/mum he can see are in front of him, yet the motion he thinks will take him there inevitably sweeps him backwards. It really is a major kiddie conundrum. And has lead to tears. (Well, what doesnt?)

Hence, in just the last couple of days, he has decided to workshop this motion thingy once more, and has come up with a new project plan.

"I gotta get up".

And thus far there has been some success.

First it was a push up - just the hands and the toes/feet touching the ground. But that wasn't getting him anywhere except a slide backwards again when the feet lost grip. So he is now bringing his knees underneath himself... into the crawling position.

Ok, there hasn't been any actually crawling witnessed - he tends to get himself there and then just "wobble" backwards and forwards in a very amusing (for mum&dad) trance, but he seems to know that at least this effort isn't sending him backwards, and hence he's clearly ticked it as having forward motion potential.

We just call it the "wobbling doggy".

Of course he may well go back to the floor and take up "commando crawling", just like two of the other bubs from the mothers club, as thus far the wobbling dog has also managed to supply a couple of pitches forward onto his nose and subsequent

But we'll see...

Finally, at 24 weeks, it was off again to the maternal health care place to get for the obligatory vitals.

Weight: 7390g (825g added over 8 weeks)
Height: 68.9cm (3.8cm added over 8 weeks)
Head Circ: 46cm head (4cm added over 8 weeks)

Which puts him at 75th percentile for height, 50th percentile for his head, and down to almost 25th percentile for weight.

So what does this all mean??

Tall and thin with enough room for a brain - just like dad for his first 30 years. (Arguably minus the brain bit.)

Nurse: "You could feed him a bit more".
Dad: "Stop him doing push ups all day and get him comatose in front of the TV like the other fat buggers/me."
Mum: "I love him just the way he is."

(Well until he chomps her boobies that is.) Print this post

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