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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day is a long time

Thats it.

The first 24 hours are (almost) over and the girls learned an awful lot about life already.

And more than just that "your first outer-world poo looks like vegemite".
("MMmmmm... vegemite...." says dad)

Theres been the blue sky out mums window.

Lots of mobile tall yabbering people.

Smells of fresh cut flowers.


And of course the piece of resistance.
Boobies = food.
(Thats a biggie.)

There's also this little guy who appears to want to hug me tender.

Yes, after months of buildup and kissing mums tummy every night, Master Mike finally had his day of reckoning with Sissy.

Who of course has now been renamed Sarah just to confuse issues.

And being a thoroughly modern Mike their first meeting was not face to face but over the inter-web, and a youtube video.
Which being thoroughly methodical Mike he demanded to watch again.
And again.
And again.
Until his chaperones for the past couple of days (Nana and Papa: how can we thank you?) suggested he say goodbye to Sarah.
Which he did.

"Bye Bye Sarah" he chimed, and tootled off with the aforementioned grandparents to pick flowers for mum from the driveway garden.
(Though slightly forgot who they were for and proceeded to bash them against the concrete steps as he re-entered the house.)

When it came time for the non-virtual visit, he proudly marched up the corridors of Sandringham & District Memorial Horse-piddle clutching the slightly shop soiled blooms and, with a beaming smile, presented them to mum.

It was a sight to bring tears to your eyes.

"Sissy?" he then questioned.

"She's just there Michael" everyone said, pointing at the little girl in his aunties arms.

And before you knew it he was trying his darndest to plant a big smooch on little Miss S' cheek.

"Hug?" he asked Sarah politely.

But being approximately two years short of being able to respond in the Queens, or anyone elses for that matter, English, we had to respond in kind.
And the boy had a hug.

It was soon apparent that all the guests had brought pressies for the wee lass.
(Well, it was almost her birthday after all...)
Beautiful bibs, a wonderful fish mobile, wraps and blankets.
The tiny room was becoming an Alladins cave.
Which in a common or garden variety situation would have made the lad think he'd decidedly and justifiably copped the rough end of the pineapple.

But herein lies the genius of Mistress P.

"Michael" she said, "Sarah has brought you a present; do you want to open it?"

"Yes please!" he replied with the excitement only a 2y.o can.

He grabbed the brightly coloured box and clawed his way in.
His eyes lit up.
His jaw dropped.
He gazed with love at mum.
He shot a look at little of adulation at Miss S.
He lost the power of coherent speech - for a moment.


And indeedy doody it was.
A 1/32th (or thereabouts) scale model of the Wiggles Big Red Car.

Complete with detachable Wiggles.

He was like a pig in poo.

There were more kisses and hugs (some a little too vigorous, granted) dolled out by the boy, not to mention a fair bit of floor play with the BRC itself, till it came time to leave.

Dad marched him down to the lifts with loving Nana and Papa, the boy clutching his most prized of newly found possessions.

The lad suddenly stopped mid-corridor.
Looked at his BRC.
Turned, and faced back down the hall.

"Thank you Mum.
Thank you Sarah."

We think we have a family.

Hope you had a good day young Sarah.

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