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Friday, October 13, 2006

week 16 - spongepants time

We're into week 16 and all is still rosy.

Well, cept in the couture department. Poor young Mistress P has hit the wall in-so-far-as dacks are concerned. And work dacks at that. They no longer fit. Not only that, but t-shirts are also becoming somewhat revealing, as the belly leaps forth at seemingly random moments, so its long singlets-under-shirt from now on we're afraid (which is a bugger when you're having 37degree days in October).

The clothing bust appeared to be somewhat of a shock to the ever expanding Mistress P, as she had expected to be able to last out at least until the full 4 month stage without having to succumb to the fatty-clothes, but alas and alack, twas not to be.

Lucky for the mortgage a local maternity shop was closing up (cos, of course, the owner was pregnant and waddling and about to practice what she preached) so it was cheap buys all round. We'll now be able to measure the tikes girth by the number of sets of stitching P takes out of the "expandable" pants.

Mistress P has also had a bit of a spurt of energy... she checked out some gyms and bought a Swiss-ball - all in the name of helping out a slightly achey-breaky-back thats arrived out of the blue - but has decided upon Pilates for preggas people. Shes now perfected the art of standing for long periods and lifting her arms up and down. Yup.. that'll get the ole watermelon out quicker...

On the nausea front the puke-o-meter is down to about 1 or 2, food and sleep are still in too short a supply (but its getting easier), theres frequent bouts of itchy-belly, and the week 16 visit to the doc resulted in Mistress P putting a stethescope to her own tum and eerily listening to a heartbeat that wasn't hers... Print this post

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