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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A tale of three tellys

Week 17 and I've just decided. It’s a mad mad mad world….

Mistress P is preggas and that was all a natural process – or so we thought.

Stepping back several months and a friend/work colleague of ours (lets call him Shoni, cos, well, that’s his name) was about to head overseas/gotten married/bought a widescreen etc, and was offloading stuff. Lotsa stuff. Including 3 tellys (no, I don’t know why the lad had 3 tellys either: he liked sport). We got one. And a bootiful big 50cm jobby it was too, so in theory all my friends would come over to our place and watch stuff and not complain about eyestrain from our old mini-teeve. (They haven’t, so I’ll have to assume they just don’t love me anymore.)

The "new" telly worked fine (despite what people have subsequently assumed).

He also gave one to a girl in our Public Relations group. And one to a guy in Hydrology Section.

Now I don’t know if all his rabid sport watching had resulted in an excess of testosterone/ pheromones oozing over the damn things, or whether they were just your common or garden variety weirdo superpowered eugenic-tellys, but…

All three people are now expecting bubs within a month or two of each other. {Cue twilight zone music/yell "whats them odds?".}

Bloody Shoni!
(But I’m sure we’re all stoked.)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

apparently if we get them back we'll be expecting triplets