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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

18 weeks and the living is easy

We're well and truly into the second trimester now, and true to form , Mistress P is ticking off the preggas list one by one.

She's indeed starting to look "rotund" and is clearly sporting a BigTum, but best of all everything has quietened down on the feeling queasy side, there is barely any nausea and lots of "feel good" hormones coarsing through the veins. So much so that theres been moments of "Am I sure i'm still pregnant?" (Its either that, or you've swallowed a basketball whole, my dear...)

Well, thats until the occasional heartburn kicks in - nobody told her about that (but shes now read about it...) Big, round and burning. And sometmies a little gassy. Aint it all so glamerous!

Being the superwoman Mistress P is, she's still riding to work 2-3 days a week (between 17 and 21 km each way, but now complaining (and fair enough too) she needs new hipster bike shorts), swimmin-with-the-wimmen, and pilates classes when she can. She's even talking about taking out the windsurfer - her embaressingly named Starboard FreeSex - this Cup Weekend. Rock. Is there nothing this woman cant do? (She certainly can make a mean rum ball, which she did this week too... mmmmm..... ruuuummmm ballllllll.)

We're also seeing bit of a return to, err... bedroom stuff., if the preggas list and Mistress P correlation remains true to form, we're just awaitin' the first kicks any day now. Stay tuned... more news at 10. Print this post

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