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Monday, November 13, 2006

Congratulations, its a .....

Its 20 weeks, and this can only mean one thing... off to the horsepiddle for yet another scan.

Of course Mistress P remained a little unsure about how well things were going bub-wise, but then such apprehension is also another tick on the "typical preggas stuff" list. Such doubts from mum are apparently only natural. However given the nature of the ever expanding belly it seemed a tad unlikely that the tike was anything other than a Pandora-powered growing machine.

The end result of scan 20 week - a perfect bub it seems; cooking well and at about the medium-rare stage. And apparently a handsome young devil too, as this is the second scan in a row where the apparently objective and sterile zapping machine person has suddenly gushed "Awwww isnt he a cutie!". (Maybe the next Zoolander?")

This time we also had a trainee zapping person as well as the seasoned expert, so we probably got a far longer session than is normal due to the old hand guiding the L-plater. However as the lil 'un has grown so much since last scan it was a little harder to tell what was what, as it appeared difficult to get the whole kit and kaboodle into the frame at the one time. Or maybe it was just us.

Speaking of kit and kaboodle, we saw some. And HE appeared to like playing with it too. (I think the operator(s) actually blushed when I said "Is he really doing what i think he's doing?" I think they blushed even more when I forgot to engage the brain and blurted "Guess he does take after dad..." - I was thinking of the infamous sperm test of course. N.B. All the above is noted purely for embarrassing 21st speeches of course...).

We also got to see all four chambers of the heart merrily squishing the blood in and out (a little slower than before (~150bpm), but still pretty much spot on normal), which frankly is bloody amazing, feet (see the second frame of the attached pic), arms, legs, spine, ribs, lips, nose... all the good stuff.

On the home front, Mistress P has become a little furnace, clearly responsible for a larger percentage of the enhanced greenhouse effect. Shes almost literally throwing the covers off the bed at night. Shes also become a hair growing machine - though thankfully just on her head. From a woman of fine locks she's developed a truly magnificent mane, apparently the result of increased levels of the oestrogen hormone. (Heres hoping that the flip side doesn't emerge during breastfeeding, when the opposite can occur and hair can apparently start falling out...)

The other apparent emergence is a little more emotion - the odd tear (but understandable; a close collegue passed away) and, thankfully for my stomach - a little more forcefulness. See, we were visiting this restaurant (cos, like, what in the world would we need savings for?) when we asked for garlic bread. They brought us herb. Now being of the good placid stock we are, we just started eating it and shrugged and gave the old "oh well, this is kinda nice anyway" when up walked the waitress. Mistress P, mouth still half full of aforementioned bread, and basket infront of us closer to empty than full, suddenly blurts out:

"EXCUSE ME,... but we ordered{chew chew, swallow swallow, chew chew} garlic bread!!"

"Oh sorry, i'll get you another..." the poor lass muttered meekly, and ran away, delivering another full (and free) batch of bread to the table in double time.

"Thank you" smiled Mistress P, glancing up with the look of a lioness protecting her kill.

"Its ok" I offered in my best Basil Fawlty/'dont worry, he's from Barcelona' voice.
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Eunpa said...

Cute tummy like his mummy's
: D

Daddy should join the cutie club, too!!

Courtney said...

Though it is commonly believed that the hair loss following pregnancy is due to breastfeeding, it is actually due to the change in hormones caused by the end of the pregnancy, (so it will happen regardless of whether the mother breast feeds or not). The unusually high amount of hair loss is only possible due to the fact that less hair is lost during the pregnancy. One could think of it as catching up.