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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Week 21 - A mouthful of sticks...

We're now at week 21 and the changes just keep on truckin' in.

The most notable is the entrance into one of the more male dreaded stages of all.

See "preggas woman" has evolved over the millenia to prepare the nest/cave/double-brick-in-the-Baghdad-end-of-Hampton for the soon to arrive bub, to make said nest cosy, clean and secure to ensure the wee-tots survivability in the face of disease, sabertooths and/or bogans. Hence Darwin has kindly given us... the nesting instinct.

This has manifest itself in the P&A household as an insatiable urge to prepare the study as a baby room. To her credit Mistress P isn't all "paint the walls duckegg blue and put up wiggles posters" (thats more likely to be woosy old dad-to-be), but simply wants room to swing a cat(/baby), with a change table, cot, clothes & nappy storage etc etc. Sounds easy.

Of course in practice this means sorting out and converting what was a somewhat tiny study and computer room, but of late has become, well, a bit of a bomb area. Unfortunately this is where cleaning methodologies diverge...
AB (typical male): "I haven't used this crap since we moved in. Junk it."
Mistress P (common or garden variety preggas-brain woman): "Mmmm... this piece of paper with scribble on it from 1st year uni just may come in handy if I ever have to relearn basic rat physiology/papier mache a giant head - i'd better keep it just in case..."

Argh. But there appears method in the madness, and we're getting there steadily. The nest will indeed be livable, if not beautiful.

Mistress P is also now "enjoying" the delights of not sleeping on her back cos of a fear of the baby's now considerable weight applying pressure to the large vein (called the inferior vena cava) that carries blood back to the heart from the feet and legs. (Not helped by low - 90/50 - blood pressure as the blood vessels relax under the influence of the hormone progesterone.) And if we get all technical we only sleep on the left to stop the liver being squished as well. This of course means AB now gets regularly booted onto the "wrong" side of the bed - can a man survive without clock radio/light control(?) - and there is the significant risk of a wandering sleep dazed hubby returning from the post loo run and crushing said veins/babies/wifes anyway by springboarding into his regular bed-possie.

Aside from us, Mistress P's friend and previous workplace baby confidante, Fiona, has left the preggas club and joined the parent parade. Congrats... and welcome to the world cutie-pie Sarah. Its kinda brought the reality of the near future home to us fast - errr... and maybe to them too! Print this post

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