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Saturday, December 02, 2006

week 22 - Rufous

{Boom} "Where did that come from? "

One minute you're feeling a little rotund but thats about it, and the next... everything ingested doesnt come out (not that that doesnt stop you going to the dunny in the middle of the night) and you put on 3 kg in a day.

Or at least thats what Mistress P claimed this week, when all of a sudden this water retention thingy kicks in, the belly swells and we're suddenly having to take lessons from the preggie pilates woman on how to get up when we're sitting the floor. (Its actually quite a trick really.... roll onto your front, come up into the dog possie, roll your toes under, then rock back onto your feet... something like that anyway.)

But despite the morph into a human-camel, it hasnt slowed down the P'ster. Theres been a couple of rides to work (admittedly with AB now carrying all the panniers and backpack) on the slightly more comfy full suspension mountain bike, aforementioned preggas pilates, swimmin-with-the-wimmen, preggie bellies fit ball DVD sessions (see the piccie) and even a sea kayak last weekend out to the Cerberus. ("It'll be like glass" said AB. "I'll show you" said mum-nature, and blew in 17knots fom nowhere mid paddle. Ever surfed a wave on a double plastic sea kayak??)

On the belly-boy front, there's been kicking and wriggling and general DIY maintenance galore from the little tike. We think he has built at least a pergola and possibly federation style veranda in there. At times the bouncing about is enough to make Mistress P's t-shirt take leaps off the belly. He also appears to have undergone a name change - which is possibly only apt given that now we're past 20 weeks, he is apparently legally a baby and no longer just one of those foetusy things. True dinks.

See Mistress P has been been offering a little hesitancy on the "stubbsy" name front, as that name derived from our first scan when he was just a little body and head with stubs. (Hence , much to AB's own amusement, christened by him as "stubbsy" on the spot.) P, however, wasnt all that keen on the little dear being forever labeled as just a torso and head...

But during a recent trip to the folks, future-nana-Watkins had a bit of a seniors moment and, forgetting stubbsy's name, took a stab in the dark and somehow came up with the name "Rufous". No, I have no idea how either - though surely someway related to their deep-seated birdwatching obsesssion - but the name seems to have stuck. So we introduce to the reader young Rufous Stubbs esq., official baby and part time wriggling expert.

(Later, according to AB given the bird connection, surely to become a Rufous Tit Warbler.) Print this post

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I am so enjoying the journey with you