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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mike gets his Clause into xmas

Ok, we was wrong.

Yes, Mike did indeed love the wrapping paper, but he did actually enjoy the pressies too, and appeared to realise something was going on and hence was on his best behaviour all day. Which is more than can be said for everyone at xmas! He also enjoyed lots of roast chicken, a lick of beer off the rim of his uncle J's stubbie, and enough roast veges (inc. lots of pumpkin - his long time fave vege) to last the rest of the week.

And as per usual he's been advancing in leaps and bounds. Or at least in the most recent case, tiny steps sideways. He's perfected the art of pulling himself to upright clinging to tables, couches, crockery cupboards, bookshelves and dad's legs (by dragging himself up on dad's leg hairs; you can tell from the other end of the house by the cries of pain - from dad). But he has now also learnt to creep along... slowly but shirley... along the edge of whatever he has clung onto.

Hence nothing on the coffee table is safe, and various objects need to be constantly moved as he tracks them down. His current favourite appears to be the Freedom furniture catalogue. Which at first glance may appear a random act, but in actual fact is clearly the sign of an intelligent life form who realises that such catalogues contain new furniture with doors, that can be closed and made kiddie safe/remove access to all sorts of contraband.

Told you he was smart.

Thankfully, as well as the creeping, he's also learnt how to get down - and not by bouncing either. A long reach down with one hand in some sort of half-moon yoga pose, a knee on the ground, and we're back in the floor business and off to new troubles.

Even works in the bath, where the lad has taken to 1) attacking the taps and, 2) pulling the plug out. All fun and games, but, when dad let him have his wish and hence his plug, the boy actually realised what he had done and, as the tide went out around him and it dawned on the boy that may well signal the end of bathtime... he tried to put the plug back in.

Ahhh... we'll make a hydrologist out of him yet.

A dancing one it would seem. Having learnt to clap and wave in recent weeks, he's now realised that he can add this to his love of the music and dance.

Ohhh yeah... get down boy! Print this post

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