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Saturday, September 30, 2006

10 weeks and the barfing is occasional

Its 10 weeks and Mistress P is still running around like the proverbial headless chook, trying to pretend that all is normal in between feeling nauseous and occasionally barfing. Shes about a 5 on the Puke-O-Meter most mornings ("this P-O-M goes to 11").

That said, hunger is definately well set in. Seems that eating actually makes you feel less like driving the porcelin bus, rather than more. And hence Mistress P is eating for about 6. Oranges directly after waking in the morning are a favourite, though theres a desire for quanities of yoghurrt at times too.

Funnily enough, the only thing that seems to set the Puke-O-Meter off big time is the smell of the dishwasher (huh?) and the smell of the compost. (Its suspected this is just a ruse to get out of emptying the bin/dishy, but we'll go along with it for now.)

The other thing thats well and truly arrived is the tiredness. If P isnt home for her 6pm nap then shes frazzled, and its only the Directors notice of instant dismissal for all those found sleeping on the job (yes, this is for real - its a night shift thing flowed down to the day folks) that stopping Mistress P from grabbing 40 winks at the salt mine.

On the other hand, AB is "experiencing" the traditional male come down (scuse later to be revealed pun) cos he's gone from being Mr Shag-on-demand-to-the-point-of-exhaustion to Mr Married-to-a-chundering-nun. He's heard a rumour that sanity returns in the second trimester... (but at least he's getting to sleep earlier.)

Respective mums and family are in on the bub-to-be action, but work doesnt know (Mistress P'd up for a big promotion, and we dont want to put any temptation to break the law in front of them), though the word is spreading amongst some of the very close inner circle (i.e., those who might wonder why Mistress P is avoiding the friday night pub session/people who spied a bit of a bump) - and those who read our emails to others when they shouldnt!! (We blame Bill Gates.)

That damn 12 weeks/end of first trimester/big scan cant come fast enough..! Print this post

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