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Saturday, September 30, 2006

7 weeks - First scan man

The year 2005 wasnt all that kind to us in the bubba department, with a false start (and all too yucky ending), so we decided on a nice early scan with this one, just in case.

So, off it was at 7 weeks to see if we had a blob or a bub.

On to the couch, goo warmed in the microwave, Mistress P on the bed, out comes the ray gun and "zappo".

Within seconds we knew we'd bubbed and not blobbed!

"Well thats it then - we can go home now..."

A heartbeat (174bpm), some little arm and leg stubs, a spine, and a "perfect" 7 week old embryo (they dont call it a foetus just quite yet). ETA: April 4 (though in subsequent letter to the Doc they said April 3...).

We walked out in somewhat of a daze. AB smiling like a cheshire and Mistress P seeming to be dumbstruck - and in need of some gelato from the Melb Central gelati shop. (No, we dont know why - its a mum-to-be thing.)

Ok... we're on the bus to parentland... next stop the all important first trimester and the BIG SCAN.

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