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Saturday, September 30, 2006

13 weeks - Bullseye!

Well the big 13 week scans been done and the results are in...

All perfect!! We've seen toes (5 on each foot) and fingers (5 on each hand), beating heart, spine, ribs, legs (with all their bones) and knees, liver, ears, lips and all the good stuff that slotted and glued into the right configuration makes a little human being.

And I think it takes after his uncle - it seemed to have a penchant for finger or thumb sucking!

The little tike flipped and flopped and danced about on its back inside Mistress P's belly like some demented rap dancer. At first I was a little worried that we were spawning a new micheal jackson (could we do that to humanity), but the docs, and every parent whose seen a 13 week scan, told us such flipping about is completely normal. (Something to do with the central nervous system just starting to form properly, and hence all actions are quick and jerky.)
"It" also had a good old kick around while we watched (though Mistress P can't feel a thing), so we're ditching the jackson 5 idea and going with the next harry kewel instead; would make sense given Mistress P's "eye" for soccer.

Best of all the blood tests and neck measurements revealed all good news on the potential problems front.

A stock standard 36 year old (i.e., Mistress P) has a 1 in 180 chance of downs normally, but the tests reveal our little begger has a miniscule little 1 in 5200 liklihood of any problems - the same chance, ordinarily, as if "mum" were a 15 year old.

Oh, and yet another change in the due date - our 4th change so far. We're now looking at April 1. But we're no April fools, it'll change again we know... At the rate the due date has been receeding it'll be popping out about 3:30pm next Tuesday.

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Jules & Greg said...

Hi guys,
Well that's fantastic news indeed :-) Congratulations. Pandora it's amazing how quickly the preganancy passes really so it won't be long and you'll have a real boost of energy and that morning sickness hopefully will disappear. All the very best to you both. So pleased for you. Warm regards Jules & Greg